When it comes to earth moving and heavy machinery, Jolly Trucking has the assets available to tackle just about every project. If you are in need of something not on the list below, please feel free to contact us and we will try to accommodate your request.

Services Available

  • Land Clearing including Tree Removal and Haul Away
  • Fill Dirt for house pads, driveways, etc.
  • Pad Grading with Compaction
  • Backfill Plumbing Grading
  • Excavation of Septic System and Complete Septic Systems Installed
  • Certified Septic Sand
  • Complete Demolition Service
  • Stucco Grading
  • Cut Flat-work
  • Culvert Installation
  • Fill Dirt for Final Grading
  • Driveways – Lime Rock, Asphalt, Concrete or Pavers
  • Landscape Berms and sod
  • Excavation of  Ponds, Lakes, and Drainage systems
  • Fill – Clean, Rough, Humus Top Soil,
  • Rock- Stabilizer, Lime, 57, 89, #5, also Landscape Rock
  • Sand – Perk, Screening, other
  • Pavers
  • All types of Erosion Control Fencing
  • Excavation of Pools including Backfill and Final Grade
  • Dump Truck – Collier and Lee counties
  • Bobcat Service
  • Boxblade Service
  • Front End Wheel Loader Service
  • Trackhoe Service
  • Backhoe Service